RSVP Now For The Amazing Virtual Murder Mystery on 10/31


How to Play The Game:

Our host will provide character assignments to approximately 10-15 players for an 80s themed Reunion Murder Mystery. One person will be the person who gets “murdered” and one person will be the “murderer”. All others will be “suspects”. Those players will be situated in breakout rooms on zoom and participants will travel between rooms to interrogate them.

The character assignments will be provided one week before the event to allow players to come up with their costumes and get into “character”. We encourage all players to dress in 80s clothing! If you would like to participate as a character email: [email protected] with subject line: "Virtual MM Character". First 15 to sign-up via email will be selected.

Our host will manage the event’s timing and help motivate people along the way. After the “murder” and the “suspects” are interrogated, there will be questions and guests can make a guess on who they think “did it”.

The host will then explain everything and announce who won!

*Please note that the “victim” will also be able to participate as part of a detective group to help solve the mystery.